Crystal Sound Healing and Mediumship

To Know Yourself Is The Greatest Gift

With this you understand what is meant for you to live a promising life and help assist others and yourself.

Are you looking for answers? You've found the right place!  I am an experienced medium with a regular loyal clientele. As an empath I receive messages in various forms and connect people to themselves and loved ones in Spirit through channeling and mediumship.

You can anticipate various information from  Ancestors, Animal Guides, Angel Guides, Deities, and Nature Spirits who have guidance for you. 

About Myself

I am also a Singer-Songwriter which helps with my Sound Healing. I am First Nations Ojibway, Polish Jewish with a touch of French Canadian in there too!

In 1995 I received a degree at McGill University in English Literature and then studied Adult Education for a while at Concordia.  All the while, I was doing readings and music and felt a strong calling to do mediumship as much as possible and music, so I left Graduate School.  After a big fire several years ago, I found that my hands "turned on" and people told me that they saw light coming through them while healing. It was so intense that it felt like magnets, and wouldn't stop until I helped that person.  After some practising, I was able to do healing comfortably and read energy faster. I have had training with Spiritual Reverends mostly located in Montreal and received a first Level of Reiki. In 2008 I attended the Dalai Lama's Heart Sutra Teachings in NYC. 

In order to work with this type of energy, I must make sure to be balanced myself and clear before and after these readings/healings, which takes time and effort. I love doing this work and wish for others to learn how to empower themselves through their intuition.

I got my first deck of Tarot when I was nine years old.

Services available: (you can pick a few if you like)

  • Sound Healing With Crystals and Gemstones

  • Chakra Balancing and Cleansing

  • Channeling

  • Mediumship

  • Numerology

  • Tea Leaf Reading

  • Tarot Reading

  • Past Life Reading

  • Love/Partnership/Friendship Readings

  • Guided Meditation Reading with Healing

  • Dream Interpretation Reading

  • Amethyst Crystal Ball Reading

  • Angel Card Reading

  • Fairy Card Reading

  • Unicorn Card Reading

  • Animal Intuitive Reading 

  • Find Your Totem Animal Guides

  • Soul Retrieval

  • Clearing Negative Ties

  • Removing Unwanted Spirits

  • How To Develop Intuitive Gifts

  • Psychometry Reading

  • Akashic Records Reading

I do individual and group readings for parties, work parties, conferences, or wedding showers, Birthday celebrations, etc. 

Gift Certificates available.

Everyone is welcome!


What can I say about Jordi Rosen's tarot card readings, and other forms of psychic help? Well, I was once a skeptic, but I've known Jordi for a long time and sought guidance from her frequently, and my feelings about psychic phenomena have changed accordingly. Her enormous (and enormously gentle) power is compelling. She is remarkably intuitive, perceptive and open. She is one hundred percent benevolent, using her unique gifts to light the path towards health and happiness for all beings. Also, she is very funny and creative, and the valuable information that flows through her from the beyond is wittily, quirkily and charmingly interpreted. Delightful and enlightening imagery, symbolism and metaphor will drift down upon you like a shower of multi-coloured feathers and flower petals. Highly recommended for sensitive poets.
~ Joellen Housego

Jordi Rosen's intuitive healing has helped me to gain clarity about present, future and past events in my life. She has also opened the doors to my own psychic abilities and insights. I have no doubt that anyone who seeks her council will be greatly enriched by her clear visions and integrative healing techniques.
~ Sincerely, Bobby Dove

Jordi has helped me quiet a bit during turbulent times by telling me specific things about myself, which enabled me to understand myself better, and by telling me the best path for me to take. I always am impressed how accurate and precise her suggestions are. Jordi, I would like to thank you for being there for me, in a time of need.
~ Dimitri Lambidonis

In a reading, Jordi predicted, 3 months prior to me meeting him, that I would meet a man whose name was *...* (it was right on- she named him), that he would be a sound engineer-musician (true again) and that our meeting would be of great significance. This man ended up being a soul-mate, someone with whom I'd have a lot of karmic stuff to work out. When I met him, he had my phone number in his wallet, which he pulled out to show me. He'd picked it up on ad of mine a few months prior, when I was looking for a music collaborator...he just hadn't gotten around to calling me yet.
~ Anonymous

Miss Jordi. this note is to say, for all the psychic sessions i had the benefice to receive from you, i have felt the greatest respect, love and deep consciousness. i love the techniques you apply. you know the complexity of human beings and their emotions and you have a great way to help us on our path with your visions and the info you share abundantly doing your readings and more. thank you so care so much for human beings. seeing you is helping. you truly help.
~ Isabelle Rajotte

Jordi helped lift a dark cloud that had clung tightly to me, which I didn't think was possible, but it did with her reading and healing, and for that I will always be grateful.
~ Ioanna Vriniotis

The Revelation, July 2014;

Back in July 2011 Jordi said I would be moving to a condo type building, I would have to fix it up, I would have a brand new sleek kitchen, I would have a female real estate agent, she said someone would love my house and buy it, and I would have a friend help me out.

When Jordi talked about this I thought to myself that I would never move from my house, but sure enough this year I ended up buying a condo that I am renovating, I have a female real estate agent, my house sold within 2 days to a girl who loved my house, my friend is helping with all the details ie. Put me in touch with a contractor she had do work for her, put my condo measurements on AutoCAD for pricing materials, helped with paint colours, help with choosing an IKEA kitchen which is going to be sleek and much much more.

I only re read my 2011 reading after I had purchased my condo, and after my friend Whitney offered her help. It was a revelation.

Jordi is a GEM. She has beautiful voice and her readings are filled with such candour and colour.

Jordi has a unique gift. She is definitely psychic, but she uses this to help people tune more into themselves. She draws on so many different approaches and practices, so I always walk away from our sessions with a sense of possibility and hope. Her support helped me through some big transitions and challenges. If you are in doubt, rest assured that Jordi will help you feel better about your choices and your life path and always emphasizes the positive.
~ Stephanie

Thank you so much for my recent reading with you. I could feel the healing energy well after speaking to you, a calmness and centredness. I also enjoyed your insights that covered so many areas of my life. I already implemented some of them...:)
Also awed by some of the things you picked telling me I am able to get energy from trees. Some of the most challenging times of my life I have visited a park and walked around to find a specific tree and sat against it or touched it, feeling as though it was a nurturing presence in times of distress. I have never told anyone about that but that is something I do which you picked up on.... bright blessings thank you xo Jennifer Keigher

Highly recommended!
~ Sterling Dale

I have had the amazing pleasure to hear and experience Jordi Rosen’s sound healing. She is able to channel ancient sounds and bring the listener into the present moment, and connect to the universe using this incredible technique. Merci, thank-you Jordi for sharing this with us.
~ Karen L. Church, Master of Arts, Archaeology

Jordi's sound healing is very powerful and its effects are felt instantly. I felt much lighter and calmer immediately after. I highly recommend it to everyone.

~ Andra

"Jordi is a truly wonderful and generous  healer for every time I worked with her I felt instantaneously blessed, lighter, stronger and returned home with deep insights. She somehow manages to give my soul the angelic sonic massage that it needs and I intend to return soon"
~ Signed: a most happy costumer 

I really enjoyed my experience with Jordi Rosen. I never consulted a medium before and really did not know what to expect. I was a little nervous but I allowed myself to be open to the experience. Before I could express some of my concerns about the validity of some personal and professional relationships, she suggested for me to take some notes down about my relationships, provided me with paper and pen and the unveiling began, just amazing and intuitive!

Her kindness and patience help me through the process, help me stay calm. Some of what she has predicted for my life has come to pass, some are still manifesting. Thanks, so much Jordi, I appreciate her gifts, looking forward in seeing her for another session in the near future, I have recommended for a few of my friends to consult with her, I know that they are in good, sacred hands.

Trudi DeRef.

Looking forward to hearing from you and helping. Thank you <3 Jordi